Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Visit, In Pictures

So in the end, we decided that you folks would rather have pictures, and we would rather have time to visit.  I'll provide some inside scoop and commentary next week when Beck isn't around to entertain me. Thanks for a fantastic time Beck Beck and Woe!  We love you.


Grandma DD said...

Thank you a million times. I love all the pics especially the ones where O is hugging. I sure need one of those right now. Wow -- two types of suckers. I know he was in heaven. Joe looks like he enjoyed every minute of your visit. Beck, in Shelley's words, remember to laugh as much as you cry after they leave! Love you all.

Grandma DD said...

Oh -- two types of trains and lots of types of air transportation. Owen had to be in heaven!!

Aunt Pam said...

Enjoyed all the pictures! So glad you girls remain close and find time for one another. Owen looks like he was having a ball with his Aunt and Uncle! Love to all.