Monday, July 26, 2010


Owen had his first ice cream sandwich Saturday.

Owen asks me A LOT of questions.  Sometimes when we are in the car I have to tell him I'm putting myself in time-out and won't be able to talk for a while.  Otherwise I fear I might drive us into a ditch - out of exasperation, a lack of concentration or both.

But Owen is a toddler, so the news that the majority of his sentences begin with the dreaded 'W' word is not very blogworthy.  So here's what is: I've discovered a single word that will answer at least 50% of those questions.


Why Owen fall down, Mommy?
Mommy, why Owen ball go off table?
Why it rain, Mommy?
Why you put on make-up?
Why Mommy tie that over her swimsuit?

Thank you Sir Isaac Newton.


Rebecca Davenport said...

That was funny!

Kari Anne said...

LOL... I agree with Becky...that was too funny!!!

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Shelley, I sure miss your wit!

Grandma DD said...

Miss you guys!! Love you all so much and we had a great vacation in your home!! The creek was the best!