Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was looking back at recent posts and I've been a bit of a Polly Pessimist lately, so I'm making it up to you with milkshakes and rainbows.

Pretend you don't notice the massive homage to the 2nd Amendment in that one photo.  


Grandma DD said...

ooooooh! That's the drug store that makes such good cheeseburgers. Can we go there when we get there? Love you all.

Kari Anne said...

You have a drug store that has a cafe in it?!?!? Cool...but...I would never be able to get Karson out of there! Between the gazillion band-aids and soaps and everything else drug stores carry AND the milkshakes/burger...I'd have to pay rent!

Hope little man's feeling better.

Rebecca Davenport said...

Are there guns on the wall??