Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crime story

The crime

The scene

The law enforcement

What I thought it was

Who Owen wished it was

What it actually was

Greta moved like no fat cat I've ever seen

Feathers flew

I screamed

Owen belly laughed

Trespasser escaped, singing all the way

Photo credits:  Getty Images, me, me, via Discovery Kids, Angela Wyatt/Getty Images, via


Grandma DD said...

Remember our chimney sweeps! They can really be scary. I wish I could have heard "O" laughing! Love you guys so much!!

Jennifer said...

I appreciate your effort to use a friendly roach picture...but its still troubling. Eeeeek! xoxoqq

Jennifer said...

p.s. Star typed the 'qq'. Guess she was saying hello!

Coach said...

Let Jennifer and Star tell you their July 6 story that was similar to yours. Theirs had a completely different ending. It was the same in some respects: a cat, roach, screams and belly laughs were involved. Your mother takes the place of Owen in Jennifer's story.
There was also no bird in her story. I will let her tell it if she wants to when she talks to you.