Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feelin' Fall

Owen running around the yard with our pumpkin candy bucket and a free grocery store balloon.

It's cool(ish) outside.

And the leaves are starting to turn and fall.

So Owen and I got up this morning and retrieved the Halloween decorations from the basement- then we went out and bought a pumpkin the size of Buddha's belly.

Yay for fall!


Grandma DD said...

It's wonderful down here too! It feels like fall! I love you sweetheart and you are never far from my thoughts and you're always in my prayers!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

I remember painting a pumpkin the size on a Buddha belly! :)

Coach said...

The weather has been great here as well. It is difficult to make the kindergarten kids remain in the building for class when they would probably learn more outside. Your mother is looking forward to buying a pumpkin too to put on display.