Friday, October 1, 2010


Owen has a cold today (bobo  nose, as he says) so he only consented to having half of his head photographed.  
That's a new haircut- it still needs a few days to overcome the shock of it all and lay back down.

This morning while we were eating breakfast on the couch (uh huh) Owen looked up at me and for no good reason said, "I take care of you Mommy."

This is major for two reasons.
1)  Awwwwww!
2)  He didn't say, "Owen take care of Mommy,"  he said, "I take care of you."  

I'm going to really miss hearing him talk in third person.


Grandma DD said...

Oh I'm going to miss that too!! But now he will do better when he starts school. LOL Too many changes at once.

Rebecca Davenport said...

Dont worry, Joe will keep it up for you.

Jennifer said...

Jenny is very sad to hear this. :(

Coach said...

Yes, as parents we can attest that children do grow up and all of the cute things they used to do will grow up with them. I think you have him talking in third person on some videos and that will always be a keepsake. Your mother has most of the things all of you said and did written on paper. It is so important to keep those memories, especially in your heart.