Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Really clean shorts

Apparently my shorts fell into Scott's dry cleaning basket.  What did the cleaners think, that I plan to attend an exercise-themed gala in the near future?  I've got to be the only person outside of Manhattan or Beverly Hills who's ever treated Adidas jogging shorts to a $6.30 bath.  

I don't even jog.

We've been blog silent lately because I couldn't find the camera.  It was lost in one of the many piles of junk we've got around here these days.  There's some kitchin' sprucin' goin' on!


Grandma DD said...

Hey, welcome back to the cyber-space. I've missed you. What are you doing to your kitchen?? I thought you were just going to take the doors off of the top cabinets? Hmmmmmm. Love you guys.

Coach said...

Well, you take after your mother. This Labor Day weekend we are re-doing the bathroom: painting, wallpapering, etc.