Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Mishmash

Say that five times fast.

Rebecca requested some photos of our Christmas decorations, but I think this set-up in our entryway is the only thing new I did around the house this year.  Our mantle looks roughly the same as it did last year, only the longhorn got to keep center stage with baubles draped from his horns and the wreath leaning off to his left.

Here's how the present-wrapping turned out.  I'm loving pipe cleaners this year.  I have to flat wrap all the presents that travel with us to Texas, hence the boxless, blobby shape.  Ooh, say that one five times fast too...

In the middle of dinner the other night, Scott announced that we would go Christmas light looking if Owen ate well.  I think I may have shrieked with excitement, but Owen said, "Dats okay, I don't wanna go wook at Cwismas wights anyway.  I just tay here and pway."  As in with toys, not as in with rosary.

But I coaxed him bite by bite, and we were in the car hunting lights by 7 PM.  I spent a dozen blocks pointing out every little thing to Owen before he said, "I don't see anyfing you're telling me mommy."  A dozen blocks more, and we heard snoring from the back seat.

I'm seriously concerned for this kid's Christmas spirit.


Jennifer said...

YAY! He's wearing his Texans hoodie. Does he like it??? LOVE YOU!

Rebecca Davenport said...

House looks great! Is the pipe-cleaner idea from pinterest??

Shelley & Scott said...

Of course he likes his hoodie!

And here's where I found inspiration for the pipe cleaner gift toppers: