Friday, December 23, 2011

Owen's Christmas gift

I'm so excited about what Scott and I are giving Owen for Christmas this year.  He's VERY into Star Wars right now, but the poor kid is usually forced to fly his kelly green LEGO pad around in the air pretending it's the Millenium Falcon.  I'm all for creativity, but it's pretty pitiful watching Owen use a white picket fence to keep Chewbacca from falling/floating out into deep space.

So when Scott and I were talking last week about what WE wanted to give Owen for Christmas (procrastinate much?), I mentioned that it would be awesome if we could track down a local guy in his 30s-40s with a bunch of old beat up Star Wars vehicles in his parents' basement that he'd be willing to sell us for a reasonable price.  Scott said something along the lines of Good luck with that, and I accepted the challenge.

Enter eBay.

I'd spent one evening discouraged in my mission.  Even Wal-Mart wanted $170 for their reproduction Millenium Falcon.  But first thing the next morning, I got up and tried again and found a guy in Nashville who was selling his vintage 70s-80s Star Wars vehicles as an entire lot (read:  cheap).  They're in battle condition, which makes them perfect for Owen.  The Millenium Falcon is missing it's chess board, the X-Wing it's cockpit canopy, and all of them more decals than I can count.  I spent yesterday taking them apart and cleaning them, and I got most of them to light up and/or make sounds again.  I've already found several websites that sell replacement parts, and I'm giddy with the idea of restoring them a little more.  The new action figures don't fit well inside them either, so that means I get to track down vintage figures now too.  My inner Star Wars nerd is just buzzing with all the possibilities.

We won't give this to him until Christmas morning, so shhhhh!

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Rebecca Davenport said...

This is so cool! He is going to love them. SO happy you found them!