Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a Swingin'

"Little Owen he's as pretty as the angels when they sing..."

We've discovered that swinging Owen back and forth in his car seat is a great way to calm him down (and occasionally even put him to sleep).  But after sustaining multiple self-inflicted injuries to my shin, I suggested we go out today and buy a real swing.  Special thanks to Aunt Nana and Uncle PawPaw since their Babies R Us gift card was used to make the purchase!

And sorry about the mystery post Speck.  I had attempted to post video of Owen laughing, but it didn't work.  We'll get some moving pictures on here one day!


pb said...

I am so happy that he loves his swing. I am especially happy to know that you were able to get him something he would enjoy with the gift card. I love looking at him grow. Thanks so much for setting up this website.
Love to all!
Aunt Nana

Rebecca Davenport said...

HE LAUGHS!!!!!!!! This is too much for me! I hope it works soon so I can see him laugh! I can't believe he laughs!

Anonymous said...

I've got a swinging grandson! He is so precious and growing so much. Enjoy every minute with him both good and bad because you will turn around one day and he is grown and gone! I know!!!