Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Nursery

Owen loves his room.  Whenever we have trouble calming him, we just take him to his nursery where he can watch the ceiling fan.  And now he has a new picture to look at too.  We bought it Saturday from an art gallery down the street.  Right now it's the only thing on the walls, but we plan to add more pictures and some drapes over the next few weeks.  
Don't turn me in for leaving him alone on the changing table.  I promise I'm closer to him than it looks in the picture! 


Rebecca Davenport said...

I like the picture. Owen seems to like it too. He looks like he is gaining weight and getting bigger. Maybe its the angle? I like the rug too. Good choice!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Scott was right! The large rug looks greeat and safer. Too bad it didn't have colored circles as a design! =0) I like the choo choo train picture. Reminds me of the days when we use to walk on the RR tracks. Thanks for the pics. I really want to find time to get the web cam up and running. I'm just inundated right now. Love you all. XOXOXOX to Owen

pb said...

The room is so cute! Owen looks happy in his room.
Abby and Gabe love the ceiling fan too! Isn't that funny?
Just a little over a week and we will be there holding that sweet little boy.

Coach said...

I can see the happiness in his eyes and face. It is evident he is attracted to bright colors. He must take after grandma DD. Your mother took Anthony, her secretary's son walking in the woods and down the RR tracks last weekend for old times sake. I know she can't wait for Owen to get old enough so all of us can take him down the old trails. I also can't wait to be able to get outside and play catch, hit him a few ground balls or shoot the basketball. I know I am going to have to improve on my golf game to keep up with him, his Daddy and Mr. Stevens. I sure don't want to hold them back. Before you know it we will be doing all of these things. He has already grown so much. See all of you in a week. All my love, Coach