Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Everyday Owen: Post-party

We're still pooped from the big party on Sunday.  Let us get a few good naps and maybe another night's sleep under our belts and we'll share all the details.  Thanks to everyone who came and spoiled O with gifts and good company!


Jennifer said...

Love you! Miss you!

p.s. Chili was yummy!

Kari said...

I saw your moms pictures! Looked like he had a GREAT 1st birthday! Karson LOVES looking at her pictures from past birthdays... She doesn't remember her first one (of course) but from her second birthday on...she can tell you where it was and what kind of cake I made for her.

By the way - I loved the cake you made!! You go girl!! I don't think I have bought one of Karson's cakes yet. Actually, this past year for her party she wanted a cookie cake, so I had to buy that (for other reasons that I won't get into on here also...I'll email you the story so only you and Scott can get the laugh out of it!! LOL).

Love to all!


Rebecca Davenport said...

It seemed like years ago! Was I really there!?

Miss you guys!

Grandma DD said...

Gee -- I sure do miss you all!!! I find myself wanting to talk baby talk with someone. Like for instance. . . ball . . . block . . . ball . . . block . . kitty . . . DD . . . on and on and on. Wonderful times. So inquisitive!! DD