Thursday, September 3, 2009



Grandma DD said...

OMG! Those big beautiful eyes. Love him so much. Just wish I could hold him and see him every day. Thanks for being so dedicated to putting pictures up for us. Mom - DD

Kari Anne said...

He's growing too fast!! Put a brink on his head! (that's what I tell Karson I'm going to do to her! LOL) He's just too cute!!

Coach said...

Sorry I am so late in checking the blog. He really is growing so fast and changing his looks to us every time we see him on the blog. I am sure he looks the same to all of you since you see him daily. We saw Rowan Smith at Crosby's football game last night.
I am sure he does not care if he ever sees another one. We got beat 37-7 after losing 62-16 the week before. When you see him, tell him we were not that bad when your old dad used to coach. Take care of both of your men and we will see you soon. Grandpa Coach