Monday, September 28, 2009

We closed on our new house today!

Owen enjoying a blue "tuh-tur" from the bank.

There's lots of hard work ahead, but we are very excited. The house is on 2.3 acres of woods in Vestavia, and I can just picture a 7-year-old Owen spending long days outside waging battles from his tree fort. And we are less than a mile from 3 of our best couple friends. Can anyone say block party?


Grandma DD said...

Block Party! When? Say when and I'll be there!!

Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I love you! Can't wait to see the new place!

Kari Anne said...

Congrats!! How exciting!!

Coach said...

What wonderful thoughts and feelings must be going through your mind now as you take another step forward in your relationship with Scott and Owen. As the old saying goes, "Take time to smell the roses". I am so happy for you.
Love, Grandpa Coach