Thursday, September 24, 2009


Scott and Owen discovered this little reptilian refugee in our yard early this morning. I guess all the heavy rains flooded him out of his usual home. I was all prepared to "save" him, but then I found an internet article that pointed out that he didn't need saving anymore than the dozens of birds and squirrels that I see in our yard daily. I did pick him up to check for webbed feet (negative) to verify that he's a land turtle, and then I left him to mosey off into the woods.


Grandma DD said...

I've been waiting for a new post!!! Yeah!! Rebecca will love this word to spell. (Love you Beck) I see he has new shoes. Another growing spurt? We need an update of words, weight, etc. I love those posts, but I love this one too. THANKS!!!! Now I have something new to play over and over.

Jennifer said...

Gosh. He's so grown up. Please bring him to see Aunt Jenny soon! Or hopefully I can come to you in October. LOVE YOU ALL!

By they way...Mom, I think I was your t-u-t-l-e kid. Right?

Coach said...

His eyes seem to get bluer every time I see him and as everyone else has said he is growing so fast. Also, keep working on building his vocabulary just the way you are. I love and miss all of you. See you in a couple of months. Grandpa Coach

PS: Jennifer was the t-u-t-l-e kid. I was there and remember.

Grandma DD said...

Ok Ok! So my memory is foggy. At least I remembered one of my kids doing it! Sorry Becky!! That's why you write everything down that your kid does because the day will come when you forget! Sad!