Sunday, April 4, 2010

Egg Hunts and Such

GG's house in Alex City on Saturday

Owen's into showing his teeth for the camera now.

His shoes are missing because there may or may not have been an incident down by the pond.

I had a zoom photo of the drool running out of his mouth, but I think this shot makes the point well enough.  Kid was tie-erd.

Easter Sunday

Whew!  Really struggling with the formatting today.  Sorry for the weird spacing, but this is as good as it's gonna get.  I am almost finished re-doing a train table for Owen and I want to go get to work.  Up for some before-and-after shots this coming week?


Rebecca Davenport said...

These photos look so springy!!! I love them! He looks so grown up!

Jennifer said...

Love the Easter outfits! Something about all of it is very 70's. :) I like it! And Owen is reminding me more of Drew. Love him, miss you all!

Grandma DD said...

He is adorable!!! You didn't tell me about the pond incident? Was Daddy or Granddad suppose to be watching him???? LOL I love your dress! Is it new? Thanks for making my day with this post!!!

Shelley & Scott said...

Ha! I guess living in a really groovy house starts to rub off on you.

Owen stepped back off the bank into the pond when he was with his Granddad and me. He only cried because he thought I was going to be mad, which I wasn't. No one's fault :) It made me remember the time Drew fell into Lake Houston though!

Aunt Pam said...

Everyone looks so nice for Easter! I hope that ya'll had a nice Easter. Ya'll were missed. I hope that ya'll will consider having Easter with us one year so the kids can hunt eggs together.
We miss you and love you! Thanks for sharing your Easter pictures.