Friday, April 9, 2010


Grand theft backhoe

Who would have thought I could raise a know-it-all?  It's downright shocking.

Sometimes he starts correcting me before he even gets out of his bed in the morning.

S:  Morning dear!

O:  (chin tucked, head shaking 'no') Eh... eh... Owen not weally a deer. 

The other day at the deli, he made the cashier laugh at me.

O:  Owen want some Cheetos?

S:  Sure hon.  You can get a bag of potato chips.

O:  (chin tucked again, head still shaking no) Eh... dey dey not weally chips. 

We were out in the yard working again today, and I told him I needed to get something out of the greenhouse.

O:  (chin ALWAYS tucked, head ALWAYS shaking no) It... it not weally green. 

I try to tell him it's not nice to correct people, but (as with any of his emerging habits that unsettle me) I know all he's done is process one of my faults and serve it back up to me.  Owen as mirror.  And I'm not talking about the forgiving skinny kind of mirror either.  This is the kind that they have in the bathrooms at fancy hotels that magnify your pores to the size of craters.  So sometimes I just placate him.

S:  You're absolutely right, Owen.  You are one smart cookie.

O:  Eh... eh...Owen not weally a cookie. 

*Fun news!  They featured Owen's train table on ohdeedoh.  


Grandma DD said...

You go girl!! That's a very nice write up!!!!! Thanks for the verbiage on Owen. That makes me feel like I'm there every day!!!! Give him a kiss from DD.

jennifer said...

Congrats on the blog feature! Good to have your hard work acknowledged! LOVE YOU!

Coach said...

So proud of you and the hard work you put in daily to make Owen happy and to make him the fine young man he will grow up to be. If it makes you feel any better, the kindergarteners at 5 years of age are still correcting the teachers and their parents (of course that may cause you to feel worse). I just told your mother I wish we could find a back hoe Owen could sit in to take a picture. He is just so smart and as I told you in my last comments, developing vocabulary is the most important thing you can do for him at this age (even if it is pronounced wrong).

Kari Anne said...

Congrat on the feature!! YEAH!!

Owen is so funny!! I can see him shaking his head "correcting" you...