Thursday, April 8, 2010

Two ways I know it's spring

Owen and I gardened a little yesterday and, ick, the pollen.  Owen is wearing his UGGs because he needs the lambswool lining to ease the pain of a blister on his right heel.  There is no excuse for why I'm wearing those sandals and have purple toenails though.  

And if you're watching The Masters today and see a guy in the gallery wearing a bright blue polo and an incredibly goofy, happy smile, that's Scott.  He finally scored a ticket to Augusta.

Just so I don't go breaking some mommy blogger code by making two consecutive posts without the appearance of my child's face, here's Owen enjoying some of Mimi's red velvet cake on Easter Sunday:

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Grandma DD said...

Wow - Agusta, good for him. Anybody go with him? This pollen has gotten to me, too. Sore throat and watery eyes! Yuck! When did you get purple polish? Orlando?? Wish I could have had a piece of that cake.