Monday, August 9, 2010

Beach Trip: Oil Spill Edition

I confess I was morbidly curious about what we would find when we got down to the Gulf, but thankfully there was far more evidence of precaution than actual oil.  The one and only tarball I saw is in the bottom left corner of the above picture.  I felt like I was meeting a B-list celebrity when I came across it.

Makeshift work stations were spaced a few hundred yards apart down the length of the beach.  The folding chairs were comically out of place, but I guess giving the workers beach chairs would have been a real public relations blunder.


Rebecca Davenport said...

so... I can't find the oil in the first picture!? Looks like Owen is LOVING The sand!! Whoda thought?

Grandma DD said...

I love the beach!! Wish we could all go to the beach together. It's my favorite place. Maybe I'll retire to a beach some where!! BTW - How are you doing? I called and left a message either yesterday or on Sunday. I'll try to call again.