Monday, August 23, 2010

Teenage Marriage (Updated)

Scott and I got married 13 years ago today.  His groom's cake was chocolate with Han Solo and Princess Leia atop, plus some really awful purple flowers I've opted not to recreate here.

And now we have a Yoda.  (Not true to George Lucas' original storyline, I know, but height specifications limited me to Yoda or R2D2.  And don't even ask why they're all on a planet with a chocolate icing lithosphere.)

Happy Anniversary Love!

I asked Owen to take a picture of Scott and me with the cake, and he delivered on his first try.  Scott's in trouble now that there's a third person in the house who can take "couple" shots of us.   


Grandma DD said...

Wow!! Chocolate Cake!! You did good!! Happy Anniversary!!

Jennifer said...

That's a lot of cake!!! Send me some! Happy anniversary!

Grandma DD said...

Good job, Owen!! Love you guys!!

Aunt Pam said...

Photography must be in Owen's genes like his DD! Loved the pictures and sorry I forgot to wish you and Scott Happy Anniversary! Love to all of you.

Rebecca Davenport said...

That cake looks yuuummmmyyyy!!! Uncle Joe said he is proud of Owens and his photog skills! So is Beck Beck!!thhesh