Monday, October 18, 2010

Chainsaw City

If you are a preschool-aged boy, bliss is waking to the sounds of heavy machinery outside your bedroom window.  A tall pin oak to the right of our driveway has been looking sickly ever since we moved in, and even though it made me feel a little like we were setting an elderly Eskimo adrift on an ice floe, we decided it was time for her to come down.  So Owen was greeted bright and early this morning by the rumble of a bucket truck, dump truck and skid steer loader pulling into our driveway.


We invited friends over to watch and enjoyed all the snapping, sawing and hollering.  And then came the best part of all:  they offered Owen a ride up in the bucket!

Yeah, he hated it.  He doesn't even let the baggers at the grocery store push him in the cart on the way to our car, so I don't know why I thought he'd be cool riding up into the sky with a kind stranger.  But twenty bucks says he goes to school and brags about it anyway.

Maybe Owen had misgivings after he saw the condition of the owner's truck.


Grandma DD said...

This made me laugh. Thanks for posting. Wish I could have been there in person to have fun watching all the excitement. XOXOXOX

Coach said...

Not a day goes by that I don't see a dump truck, back-hoe, grade-all, cherry-picker, etc. that I do not think of how much he enjoys all of those things and it makes me miss seeing him and all of you.