Monday, October 4, 2010

The Weekend: A Monkey and a Crane

We went to the Bluff Park Art Show this past Saturday, which is always a fun time.  There are lots of local and regional artists, good food, jazz music and two playgrounds and some dirt for Owen.  Everybody wins!

Scott and I swore that we would end the dry spell and actually purchase some art there this year, and we did!  Owen sniffed out every booth with animal-themed work (even the odd little friends of this artist), but when we wandered into Michelle Prahler's booth we knew it was the one.  We told Owen he could pick whichever one he wanted, which he briefly misinterpreted as permission to act like a contestant on Supermarket Sweep.

Ultimately we avoided any larceny charges and paid for the monkey painting Owen is holding in the photos above.  He had us hang it that very night above the reading chair in his room.  I think he made a great choice!

We were heading home for Owen's nap when he spotted a giant crane at Wald Park, and I realized it must be the weekend for winterizing the local pool.  So we did a yooey, postponed nap for about an hour, and had a blast watching them put up the giant air dome.


Grandma DD said...

I know B'ham has got to be feeling great this time of the year. It's nice here in Texas, that's for sure. I'm so glad you all get out and do different activities together. I would love to do things like this on the weekends!! Hugs and kisses coming your way!!

Coach said...

Enjoy your time with him at this age. I know there are times you may get tired of trying to keep up with him, but he will keep you in great condition. Pretty soon he will start to move at a snails pace and then you will miss chasing him everywhere, just like him talking in third person. The pictures are great!! It is too bad the fresh air and cool temperatures can't be felt in the pictures.