Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Look: Russian Steampunk

Should you wish to imitate this ensemble you'll need an ushanka that's a few sizes too small, baby leg warmers for your arms, a NAPA auto parts pin for your sleeve and a T-shirt from Leonardo da Vinci's home in Paris.  

Oh, and before you go out in public, grab a small (needle-less) bicycle pump that you believe to be a fire extinguisher.  When strangers stare at you too long trying to figure you out, simply aim, pull back the pump handle, make a swishing sound with your lips, and extinguish them.


Anonymous said...

This is just too cute!! I love him to pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the hat--this is the pic for his Senior yearbook!

Coach said...

Who knows, he may have found his calling: a fashion designer.