Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo Dump: Disney Style

It's birthday party time around here, and I've got blow-up glow-in-the-dark stars to inflate- so here's our Disney trip crammed all into one post. 

Beck Beck tipped us off to the bunk beds at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Owen loved sleeping on the top bunk (where, ironically, he was safer because of all the rails).  When we transferred to the Grand Floridian partway through our trip for Scott to attend a conference, Owen asked when we would be going back to our real hotel.

Racing LEGO cars in Downtown Disney

Owen's singular goal for our vacation was to build a lightsaber at Disney World, so Uncle Joe took us to Hollywood Studios within a few hours of our arrival and made O a very happy little boy.  He was so desperately serious when we went to check out.  

Hitting the giant 'golf ball'.

Outside Mission: Space and inside at its gift shop.  The hat pic is for you Jenn!

Making fun of Owen's smile, and getting the quintessential family pose afront the castle.  Huge thanks to Rebecca for staying behind my camera.  Most of the shots in this post are hers.

Silliness on the PeopleMover

If you ask Owen to name his favorite ride at Disney World, he'll usually tell you he needs to think about it and then promptly end the conversation by walking away.  But when he's in the mood to chat he says the Buzz Lightyear ride was the best.  Then he'll tell you how his mommy scared the stew out of him by taking him on The Great Movie Ride and getting him caught in a gunfight and attacked by an alien that came out of the ceiling.  Minus 5 points for me in the parenting category.

How to eat a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar

More silliness on the Tomorrowland Speedway.  That first pic kills me.

Electric Light Parade

Back tomorrow or Tuesday with Halloween costume pics!  Owen's already had a minor tragedy with his astronaut helmet, but I've mostly repaired it.  


Rebecca Davenport said...

We love all the pics!! Thanks for including us in some of them! Joe recognized that there were actually pictures of you on the blog- you are usually the ghost writer- yay Beck Beck!!

Grandma DD said...

I loved every one of the pictures. Thanks for taking the time to post for us!! Muah!!!!!!

Aunt Pam said...

Loved the pictures! All of you looked like you were having a really great time! Thanks for sharing!