Friday, October 7, 2011

Weekend Plans

To move lots of dirt and rock to finish a path to our greenhouse.

We recently treated our greenhouse to a makeover, cleaning it out (thanks Scott) and having its lights and fan repaired.  Now we're building a path to it from our back patio.  Gravel crunching under foot has become a wonderful reminder of the farm where we stayed in Italy, so we've chosen to do a simple crushed rock path.  My fantasy is to eventually have rock paths that meander all through our back woods with quirky sculptures, a fort or two, and stuff hanging from the trees.  Maybe we could go all Howard Finster.  What do you think?  Scott dragged me, complaining the whole way, to north Georgia to see Howard Finster's place once.  It was amazing.  We even got to meet the eccentric old artist himself, and he told us he was going to draw angels for us so they could protect us when we got in a fiery car crash on the way home.


Still one of the coolest places I've ever been though.  So thanks for that too Scott!

Hopefully things go dreamily and I'll have some 'after' photos to post next week.  As for when I'll get brave and actually try to grow something (no, not that) in the greenhouse?  Who knows.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo have fun. I would love to be helping. XOXOXO

Rebecca Davenport said...

This looks cool! What are you going to grow??