Monday, October 3, 2011

Late on a Monday

Happy Monday afternoon!  Despite the fact that he is yelling at me as I type this, Owen and I have had a really fun day together.  We started the day with a haircut (which he actually does enjoy) followed by a trip to the grocery store where he got to push his own cart.  We came home and picnicked in the front yard and waited for the garbage truck.  The driver payed Owen for his vigilance with a honk of the horn.  Then we went to the zoo for 3 hours.

Hmm... maybe he's yelling at me because he's tired.


Anonymous said...

Wear him out! Or does he ever wear out?

Rebecca Davenport said...

you didn't mention a pumpkin patch in here??

Shelley & Scott said...

That was just at the grocery store. They do their own pumpkin patch out front. Some of the pumpkins were $45! Nuts. We got a $4 one.