Thursday, March 22, 2012

Found it

1942, Papa was 19 and headed to war in the Pacific.  I love how proud my great-grandfather looks, but I also can't help but feel the more poignant reason they took this picture.

Fun fact about my great-grandfather (yell at me if I'm getting this wrong Mom!):  He loved toying around with concrete and dynamite.  

And in C.A.'s world, there existed a symbiosis between these substances.  He made stuff by pouring concrete into molds, enjoyed it for a while, got bored with it, blew it up.  I never knew him, but I'll always imagine him as a character from a John Irving novel.

So glad he didn't blow these up.  I think about half a dozen of these bench ends remain in the family. We've hired a landscaper (who starts Monday!) to clean up the 1+ acre of woods behind our house and put in a few walking paths.  I can't wait to give this bench its proper place once the project is finished.  

Not that I'll be the one moving this thing.  Holy toast it's heavy.  


Anonymous said...

He did love his dynomite and concrete. Papa loved fire!! Sweet post!

Coach said...

That is where your mom got her fire bug tendencies.