Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

In the almost month (!) since my last real post, we've

(1) Gotten a new computer, with Scott braving the transfer of something in the neighborhood of 24,000 pictures.

(2) Had fun playing mattress box kamikaze.  We finally upgraded Owen from the what-you-can-afford-for-the-guest-room-on-a-newlywed-budget mattress.

(3) Helped Owen assemble many a LEGO (awesome fire station from DD and Coach!), overseen countless costume changes, and welcomed spring with flowers and kisses.

(4) Gotten in lots of QT with the grandparents- sleepovers, walks, reading, cupcakes & ice cream, visits to the train depot, playing at the fountain...  The kid's got it good between these four!

I'll try to get back on track with regular posts this week.  I've missed you guys!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I've missed you too! Miss you and love you!!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Its about time!!!! :) Love you!

Coach said...

I enjoy these so much and so do some of my teachers who I have given your blog sight to. They love the things you post.