Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Small change, big sentiment

The horse print in our breakfast nook now has some company.

I did some digging through the family archives over Christmas in Texas and found lots of great stuff from my Swanson side of the family.  I knew my Papa was the consummate entrepreneur, but I'd never realized he inherited the trait from his dad, C.A Swanson.  This is a cardboard sign advertising my great grandpa's painting services; three of them miraculously survived years in garage and attic storage (so there's one for each of you too Jenn and Beck!).  I also found letterhead for C.A.'s roofing business, and it's framed and waiting for a home.  

The horse picture is from At Home in Homewood - where I like to fall down the rabbit hole when I find myself with time to piddle.  And the sunburst sculpture is from a junk shop on Lake Martin.  The lady who checked me out seemed to feel guilty for taking $1.00 from me and made some sort of encouraging comment about how maybe I could fix it up with spray paint.  But I've since seen it listed on eBay and Etsy for 50-200 times what I paid for it. Makes me giddier than nitrous oxide.

I know I've got a great picture of Papa and C.A. posing in C.A.'s rose garden before Papa left for the war, but you'll have to be satisfied with this gratuitous fake-smile shot of Owen while I work on tracking it down.


Anonymous said...

So sweet!!

Coach said...

You do a great job of making a house a home.