Monday, April 30, 2012

Art Show

Very proud of his belt.

Loved this idea of tracking how his self-portrait has evolved over the year.  Apparently they actually use it to gauge his development, so a big 
WHEW that he no longer has concentric circle heads.  His one head does have an airplane landing on it, but I'm okay with that.

Checking out his other art and hanging out in the hall with his teacher Mrs. Dobbs.

We finished up down in the fellowship hall with cookies and brownies and a jam session on the piano.

And a long night finished off in a noisy, crowded room where Owen is fed too much sugar is only going to end one way.

But it was a wonderful night, and I am beyond grateful to everyone at Oakmont who is helping Owen to grow and learn, allowing him to make mistakes, be his quirky self, know his boundaries and still feel he is loved.  


Rebecca Davenport said...

AWE! The self portrait is such a cute idea!! Love yall!

Aunt Pam said...

Owen did some good artwork! Kids are so creative. Looks like his school is a good one.

Coach said...

I love his art work. He would win the rodeo art fair at my kindergarten because of how well he draws physical features at such a young age. The teacher he has right now is so much like Sharon Taylor on my campus. That is exactly where I would have placed him if her were here. She allows her students to be themselves and still teaches them what they need to know. This is the teacher he will always remember.

Anonymous said...

He has an artistic talent just like you!! I sure wish we lived close so we could attend these functions! Your dad always has grandparents at his school. Thanks for the post!!

Coach said...

The comment about the night only being able to end one way after the sugar and being tired is a sight I see often at the kindergarten! And, yes as your mama says I probably have just as many grandparents at my school on a daily basis as parents.