Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter: GG's house

Down by the pond.  Walking with Uncle Drew.  Learning about bream fish from Uncle Tommy.  Having a pond-dipped shoe removed by Granddaddy.  Hereafter he will be seen in his only remaining footwear: galoshes.

Hunting eggs with help from GG and Mimi.

Telling Daddy not to look so he could hide an egg in the planter.  

Owen liked looking for eggs, but he LOVED hiding them even more.  This is him feeling quite proud and bossy as he watched us wander the yard like chickens.

Family photo by Owen.  Scott called for everyone to do an Owen smile, but I'm the only one who knew what he meant.  So that's nine people pleasantly smiling and then us two lunatics.

Back inside, Owen suggested he open an online store to sell all the great loot he was gifted.  He piled everything in the middle of the room and had us buyers raise our hand if we wanted something.  Online store?  I have no idea where he got that one.

Tradition.  Passing out on the drive home.

Back with the rest of Easter tomorrow.  Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a long fun day at GGs!!