Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter: By the hour

Saturday, April 7

4:00 PM*  Leave GG's house in Alex City- but not before (at Owen's request) the whole group of us gather, hold hands and say the Pledge of Allegiance in the middle of the driveway.  Yes, it was very much like this.

5:15 PM  Stop at Target for supplies the Easter bunny needs.

6:00 PM  Go to Whole Foods for the stuff Target failed to supply.

6:20 PM  Realize I've still forgotten to buy white eggs after two grocery store stops.  

7:10 PM  Take our chances trying to dye brown eggs we already have at home instead.

8:00 PM  Get Owen off to bed and help the Easter bunny leave a crepe paper trail to eggs hidden all over the house.

9:00 PM  Lock the cats in the basement for the night after they show waaay too much interest in the crepe paper.  Ahem.

Sunday, April 9

7:15 AM  Give up on Owen waking up by himself and wake him up so we won't be late to church.

7:20 AM  Hunt for 35 plastic eggs filled with grab bag LEGOs.

 8:30 AM  Leave for church late anyway.

11:30 AM  Meet Mimi, Granddad, Uncle Drew and Aunt Sarah at The Summit Club for lunch.

1:00 PM  Have one last egg hunt with the eggs we dyed the night before.  Surprisingly, they turned out!  Well... except for yellow.  If you dye a brown egg yellow, it stays brown.  Shock.

1:30 PM  Count eggs and discover one missing.  Find it up in the branches of the river birch.

2:00 PM  Go in to discover the Masters came on at 2PM Eastern, not Central.  Help Daddy cheer on Bubba for the win.

*All times are approximate.  You didn't think I was that good of a documentarian, did you?


Anonymous said...

I feel like I was there. Thanks for putting the time into creating this post. I love it!! Hoppy Easter Egg!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Thanks for posting!! Did he LOVE his legos or was he confused...

Shelley & Scott said...

The one-armed torsos bug him a little. He can't understand why their heads, legs, other arm, etc. weren't in the bag too! But otherwise he loves them. He keeps them separate from his other LEGOs.