Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

Here's a photo-dense post of what Owen was up to this past year: what he loved, what he learned, how he grew. (And not just in stature, which was 4.5" by the way!)

The Milestones

He got his first 'boy' haircut, you know, with sideburns
He got a bike...

and learned to ride it.

He took up golf and made his first par.
He learned to swim
He started learning to write.
He played on his first baseball team.
He became a first cousin.  This is the moment Drew came in the waiting room to tell us
Betsy was here; I tried so hard to capture the moment, but I left my camera on manual focus... doh!

He went on adventures 

He went through a rainbow of shoes

He started making 'Best Friends'

He was obsessed with LEGOs, Ninjago and Star Wars

He dressed up a lot

...but he still wasn't wild about being around others who did

He inspired us to lighten up

And that is my only resolution for the new year:  to remember just how much fun it is to lighten up, be goofy, look foolish.  What are yours?

Happy New Year!


Seds11 said...

those pictures at the bottom are my absolute favorite. Owen's face in all 3 are priceless.

Anonymous said...

Ok - good job - you made me cry when I was suppose to lighten up. Darn!!! Thank you so much for the recap!! I love it through my tears!