Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Catch-up

Merry Christmas everyone!  This post might be full of the kind of minutiae only our immediate relatives can tolerate, but I hate to let all of Christmas 2012 go undocumented.  I don't keep scrapbooks, so it's this or nothing!

Old Baker Farm Field Trip

1.  Choosing the tree  2&3.  Hauling it out  4. Running wild  5&6.  Hay ride (it was also Scott's b-day!)  

Making Stuff

1.  Making Perler bead ornaments and eating Junior Mints 2&3. Gingerbread men with best bud Ben

Around the House

Baby Betsy

1.  Owen meeting Betsy for the first time  2,3&4.  General cuteness

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

1.  Google+ Hangout:  Australia-->North Carolina-->Alabama  2&3.  Ornament exchange: A handprint for some ninjas  4.  Handing out the presents at Mimi & Granddaddy's
1.  Visions of sugarplums  2.  Christmas AM cocoa made by DD  3.  Moving out of the old golf bag and into the new  4.  LEGOs and a cocoa mustache


Casa de mi Corazon said...

Priceless photo captures, Shelley! Wishing you, Scott & Owen all the best to come in 2013. Happy New Year from Mike & me. Hugs & much love.

Shelley & Scott said...

Thank you Rita! Blessings in the new year to you too. Loved the photo of Grandma Swanson with the snowman!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Loved this blog!! Wish i could have been there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't believe we are back home. Were we really there? Time flies by way to fast when you're having fun! Thanks for putting us up for a week. We loved every minutes of it! Wish we could do it all over again. Much love sent your way.

First post deleted because of too many errors. I'm foing to bed!!

Coach said...

Christmas 2012 almost all seems like blur it went by so fast and now 2013 is here. Time to make more memories. A great big thank you for putting us up and taking care of us for a whole week and to your mother for taking care of the driving. If it weren't for her, we could not have made it.