Thursday, December 20, 2012

Conversations with O

I've missed you!  Still not keeping a very consistent signal, but I was up for giving it a shot tonight only to find out I'm now out of photo storage space for the blog.  It's a conspiracy, methinks.  Here are a few words to tide us over until I can get it all together again.  Lately, Owen is obsessing over the cost of things, what's free, what isn't, what should be.

O:  I bet this doesn't cost money.

Me:  What?

Pointing to the latch of the bathroom door.
O:  This silver thing.

Me:  Actually, yeah it does.  It usually comes with the door knob and you have to buy them.

O:  Well...  fire doesn't cost money.

Me:  I guess not, but a lot of people have to buy firewood to make a fire.

O:  Well... not if you go outside and get your own wood.

Me:  But you would probably need matches to light the fire and matches cost money.

O:  Well...

O:  Well...

O:  Well volcanoes don't cost money.

Guess I won't show him this or this.

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Anonymous said...

Conversations with "O" are my favorite! I love how you write them.