Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Hunting

We headed back to our old neighborhood in Homewood Saturday to eat BBQ and find our tree.  Owen has had this elf hat since he was two and it just keeps growing to fit him.  

Ever wonder what Usain Bolt and Katy Perry look like when they're picking out their Christmas trees?

Sadly, there were only about 25 trees out at the lot where we've gone for more than a decade, and they were all pitiful and leaning.  So we broke the tradition and headed back to the Boy Scout lot in Vestavia.  Man that's a serious operation.

But one of the Boy Scouts nearly earned a Purple Heart for his sash when he got down in Owen's face, poked him in the belly and called him a cute little elf.  Luckily I caught Owen's fist on the rare back when the space invading Boy Scout went in for a second poke.  

Looking for our tree.................................................................... and pointing to 'the one'.

2012:  The obligatory shot.


We're going with a freestyle tree again this year.  It's more fun for Owen to decorate, and even when he sticks toys and wristbands on it, it kinda works!


Anonymous said...

Oh, his little personality is really coming out. I love love love the third photo. His is really becoming a ham for the camera. Thanks for sharing.

pb said...
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pb said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures! Loved seeing pictures of Owen as he grew from newborn to present. Love to all!

Rebecca Davenport said...

SO excited to see all the decor and tree hunting. I feel that Ive missed so much! Love the globes outside the house! You are so creative. Come decorate my house now! xoxo

Coach said...

Looking at Owen's first Christmas. I am reminded of how he could have looked like one of the presents under the tree; of course all of us know he was the best gift of all that year. I did not talk with you mother about these pictures, but I am sure it brought a tear to her eyes. Thank you for continuously posting pictures from the past to help us remember how things were.