Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Got sensitive teeth?  Untreated cavities?  Well be careful which side of your mouth you use to chew on this entry.  It's going to be sweet.  I'm normally concerned about whether I come across as a baby-shrine-building mommy blogger, so I try to walk a fine line between including enough details to keep the Crosby mafia happy and making it funny enough to be palatable to everyone else who stops by.  But lately Owen has me whipped.  Of course I loved him even when he was just a creepy looking little amoeba inside my womb, but I can now say I have completely fallen in love with him.  I'm talking about the missing him when he walks (walks!) into another room, swooning at the sight of his 6-tooth smile, hating to even put him to bed at night kind of crazy in love.

So pardon me while I indulge myself by making a list of things I'm loving about this baby right now.
  • You know the laugh you do when you're stuck in a conversation with someone and you don't really have anything to say back to them but you don't want to be rude?  Well Owen does that for me when he knows I'm trying to be funny.  "Heh, heh."
  • I can tell when he's going to fall down just by the expression on his face (before he even starts to sway or stagger).  It's a surprised, mildly panicked look, like someone dropped an ice cube down his shorts.
  • He can have more fun with 2 golf balls, a Tupperware lid, half a dried leaf, and a lint roller than with a warehouse full of Fisher Price toys.  And when he gets a golf ball in each hand and tries to crawl he looks just like an ape doing the knuckle-walk. 
  • His new favorite word?  "Yes."  Except he says it with a Walter Matthau accent.  I didn't have any luck capturing it here, but when I played the video back for him later he replied "yesh, yesh" to the recorded version of me.
  • The top of his head smells like marshmallows.
  • His walking toy has a tray at the bottom with 24 blocks in it, but he only plays with the four green ones.  Which must mean we have the same favorite color.
  • He walks like a frat boy on a Friday night.  See for yourself, but try not to notice how our living room looks like its been sprayed down with a hoseful of red, blue & yellow plastic toys.
  • He is the relentless host of "Name that Object", a game in which he grabs two items and randomly holds out one of them for me to name.  Our most recent game sounded like this:  "Nasal spray, mascara, nasal spray, mascara, mascara, mascara, nasal spray."


Kari said...

OMG - I love it!! He is just TOO CUTE for words!! He will be running before you know it! AND...when he does start running...his newest thing he will be and laughing like crazy at trying to get away from you and Scott!! He will run with all of his might and when you finally catch him...the look in his eyes and the loving expression on his face will make you will fall in love with him all over again!!

Isn't being a parent more than you EVER thought it could be!?!? Keep up the fantastic job you two are doing!! You can tell by every happy, sad, crying moment that Owen shares with us, that he is a very happy and loved baby boy! By everyone! His grandparents, his aunts, his uncle and soon to be uncle, his great-grandparents, and those like me who have known you their whole lives or just a few years...we all love him and you and Scott! For those of us in Texas, I'm going to say this for all of us, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the blog!! It makes us feel like we are there with you every day watching him grow!!

Love to all!!


Grandma DD said...

OMG - Owen is really walking! Atta boy!! He is truly a toddler!! I'm so proud of you letting him go down the slide all by himself. What a difference a week makes! Enjoy every minute of it.

I think you understand my favorite saying now by Elizabeth Stone: “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” Love you very much-- All of you.

Shelley & Scott said...

Mom and ladies are fast! I think I was still editing the entry when you were reading it, so you may want to check and see if you missed anything.

I appreciate the kind words! Love you both.

Rebecca Davenport said...

He is walking so well!! I am so proud! I am very glad that you love your baby so much! I hear they are non refundable! ;o)

sarah elizabeth said...

The videos and the picture make me smile! I miss playing with him! Can I come play soon!?

sarah elizabeth said...

P.S. the facial expression Owen gives at the end of the slide video kind of looks like an expression of Drew's when he has done something wrong. HA!

Jennifer said...

you're so sweet to that baby! such a good mommy! I love you!!!

pb said...

I love to read your posts and I love seeing little Owen as he grows, walks and talks. I love that you love being a Mom so much! You are so good at it, I always knew you would be.
I love all of you and keep posting because I look forward to it daily.

Coach said...

Well, it took me a while, but I finally got time to post a comment on seeing him walk such a long way.
I also was trying to post my comments in the wrong place. I give the parents of my kindergarten
students a poem at the beginning of
every school year entitle "The Kite". It is about how flying a kite is like raising a child. You
work so hard to get them off the ground and flying on their own and
in order to do this you have to keep letting the string out a little bit more everyday. Well you
have just started letting the string out a little more everyday
now that Owen is walking. The next part you will have to contend with is getting him out of the gutters or off the ground everytime
he falls. It will be a lifetime of
work, but a rewarding one. As you
have heard me say before, "to be in Owen's memory tomorrow, you have to be in his life today. Have
a very Happy Thanksgiving. It won't be his first, but probably the first he might have some sort
of memory of. All my love, grandpa coach