Monday, November 3, 2008

Year in review

Dear Owen,

We went on a walk this morning and you made friends with an old man and his dog Lady.  You do that a lot... befriend people.  You are a fraction of the size of most people you encounter so you have to work pretty hard sometimes to get their attention, and you only have 4 or 5 words in your vocabulary so you rely mostly on your blue eyes and your smile to let them know how happy you are to see them.  But you are almost always successful in getting the harried businessman at the airport to pause for a moment- or the frustrated lady in line behind us at the department store to smile- or the shy elderly couple in the produce section to speak.  In your eyes it seems, just about everyone is fascinating and has potential.  And I am happy to be your apprentice when it comes to this way of thinking.  I've changed in a lot of ways since I had you, but it never occurred to me that motherhood might make me a friendlier person.  One of the many reasons I find you amazing?  You are my goodwill ambassador.  

Happy Birthday O.  I love you!

Your turn!  Want to share something you love about Owen?  Or want to tell him something you remember about the day he was born?  I'll save it for him to read when he is older.  Leave a comment, send an e-mail, write a letter, call, whatever!!!


Grandma DD said...

The first child is always so amazing and wonderful. And the love seems to automatically come the first time you hold your baby. I remember back when I was carrying Jennifer that I worried about having the same amount love for the second child as I did the first. Guess what? I did! And when the third baby, Rebecca, came along, I worried less because I knew there was so much love in me that is was like an artesian well--keeps flowing and never ends.

When you came along Owen, our first grandchild, I couldn't believe the love I had for you and I didn't even carry you and bond with you for those nine months you were waiting to make your appearance. And yet, the love for you is unending and unconditional just like it was with my own children. But. . .you are my off-spring. You're the off-spring of Margie and Ed; Lola and Thomas; Victoria and Charlie. And if they were alive today, they would also say, there is more love than can be imagined just for you.


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Kari said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWEN!! I will NEVER forget waiting on the text messages from DD to tell me you were here and that you were a BOY!!! Love you bunches!!