Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh happy day

Prepare yourselves for a tone deaf rendition of "Happy Birthday".  I would suggest you sing along... loudly.  

The end of daylight savings has Owen waking before dawn right now, so I know you can't see as much of his face as you would like.  I darkened the background of the blog to try to help, but you serious Owen fans may want to turn out the lights and let your eyes adjust a little so you can see his face better.

Slideshows and sappy thoughts to come later this afternoon.


Grandma DD said...

Love it --Love it-- Love it! Now I know why I did all the things I did when all of you were babies. Memories, Memories, Memories. Never stop making them and keep on with the sappy cute stuff. That's what makes life so enjoyable!! Good job Shelley!!


Kari said...

I am in tears! How sweet!! We turned the lights out and you could see his little smiling face while you sang to him!



Ms. Kari

Sarah Elizabeth said...

AH! SO presh! Hope ya'll have a fabulous day. Happy Birthday to little o! I remember the day vividly even though I was out of town! I got 1 minute updates from Drew via text message, I was so excited! Then rushing back to Birmingham the next morning to pay a visit to the hospital! I won't ever forget it!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Happy, Happy, Birthday to you!
Hey O-Bear!

If your papa were alive he'd sing it to you! He learned this version at Disney World and he sang it every birthday! Ask your momma. She'll sing it!