Friday, April 3, 2009


I've decided to alter tradition and allow Owen to stand for his monthly mug shot.  Things went so well that I couldn't choose just one.  

A lady stopped me today and told me Owen has "heaven hair", which I think is just a kind way of saying he looks like he's got the same hairdresser as Beaker (who happens to be my favorite Muppet).  

*Note:  While I've been working on this post, Owen has been sitting near me on the floor playing with (what I thought were) random objects.  I just realized that he took his magnetized farm house off of the refrigerator, collected a few metal objects, and has been performing his own little polarity experiment.  Should I be proud or scared? 


Jennifer said...

OMG! He seriously looks so grown up in the pictures. It's like I can tell what he'll look like at 16yo by just looking at these pics. Not a baby anymore. :( sob sob. tear, tear.

Rebecca Davenport said...

He looks so happy!!! But Jenny is right, our baby is growing so fast!

Grandma DD said...

Our little man --"O". Gee I wish I was there to give him a BIG HUG! I am so proud of him transferring his knowledge about magnets. We have a brainiac! You have a proud GP here!! We need a web session again. Love to all. DD

Coach said...

I just saw him a week ago and it is amazing how much he has changed since then in action and looks. He looks so much older and is acting more independent. Time is flying by so enjoy every minute. Write this down somewhere, as I tell the parents at the kindergarten: To be in your child's memory tomorrow you have to be in their life today. You and Scott are doing such a great job of this right now. You can see where he is already wanting to do things himself and there will come a time he will not want you around to do things with him. Be there anyway. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and letting us see all of the changes in his life. Grand-dad Coach