Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahem...privacy, please

Over the past month, Owen has developed a curious habit of disappearing right in the very room in which we are both standing.  For instance, one morning we went to the kitchen for a snack.  I grabbed the cereal bar (or cracker or whatever it was) from the counter with Owen nipping at my heels chattering 'nack, 'nack, 'nack and headed back toward the living room.  Next thing I knew I was alone.  Silence.  

I turned and glanced behind me, but Owen wasn't there.  I walked back into the kitchen, and he wasn't there either.  I briefly considered the possibility that he'd made a daring escape through the cat door.  Then I saw him tucked into the corner between the wall and the stove.  His shoulders were slightly rounded, arms straight, hands resting on his thighs, knees bent in a squat.  Thinking I was getting in on the game, I called "Gotcha!"  But he just glanced up at me with a look that was one part shyness, two parts annoyance and started backpedaling in place like he was hoping the walls would cocoon around him.  I was confused.  
But what my mind couldn't solve, my nose did.

So this past weekend when the three of us were in our bedroom putting up clothes and I saw Owen slink to the back of Scott's closet, I did the polite thing.  I waited until he was finished and then took a picture.


Rebecca Davenport said...

HE IS A SHY POOPER!!!!! I don't know anyone like that in our family!!


Sarah ELizabeth said...

OMGGGGGG that is so weird you posted this now. I meant to tell you yesterday that he did that to me in the den and in the kitchen yesterday and that's when I noticed he needed diaper changes! So funny!

Kari said...

That's too funny! He likes to be alone when he does his business... Too cute!

Grandma DD said...

LMBO!! I can't stop laughing. None of you girls hid so this is new. Hmmmmm......What did Scott "DO" as a little boy? No more secrets -- tell all!

Thanks for the end-of-the-day laugh! I needed that. Enjoyed our little chat today, too. XOXOXOXOXOXO


Joe said...


Coach said...

Think again, Rebecca. This may be a guy thing. I know it is not any of you girls with the exception of maybe Shelley. It is probably a sign he is getting close to wanting to be potty trained. He is cute looking from behind the clothes. As usual, thanks for keeping us posted on what is going on. Love, Grandpa Coach