Monday, April 13, 2009

Part Deux

Can you see it?  I dyed a half-dozen eggs yellow and then hand sketched the Masters logo on them.  Hide them in azalea bushes, whack them with a golf club after you find them, and you've got the perfect marriage of Masters Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Check out the mid-air egg in this last photo. Nice camera work Scottie!


Grandma DD said...

You are soooooo crafty and smart. Owen will have lots of wonderful memories. Your daughter-in-law to be someday will have a hard time keeping up with you what Owen will expect for his children!! LOL Don't you dare stop!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

His Easter outfit turned out perfect!

Kari said...

I love the second picture in the group of four (3 then 1 below...). It is too looks like someone called his name and he turned around saying "Hum??"... Too cute!!