Friday, April 24, 2009

Everyday Owen: Hoodies

Two cute guys and one very sad palm tree.  It wintered in our pantry next to the water heater (so the cats wouldn't assault it), but I think lack of sunlight + natural gas fumes may have done it in.  


Grandma DD said...

Is it still cold there? Looks like Scott is now on Fridays off? Love all you guys!!

Kari Anne said...

It looks like Owen's looking at him and thinking "Daddy, what on Earth are you doing!!??!!"

Coach said...

What a loving and inquisitive look Owen has on his face. It looks like he does not know whether to run or give his daddy a hug. Something really did happen to the tree. Shelley, you are getting just like your mother. You are always behind the camera and never in front of it so we can see you. I really enjoy seeing Owen and Scott together though. It really shows the great relationship they already have as a father and son.