Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At GG's

We had a wonderful time celebrating Easter at GG's house on Saturday.  Talk about a beautiful place to be in the spring.  When I was setting up our family picture on Easter Sunday I kept thinking, I wish I had a yard that looked like Grandmother's for a backdrop.  

Uncle Tommy taught Owen about the different kinds of fish you could see swimming in the pond, and a foam baseball won out as the guys' choice item of sporting equipment for the day (with bubbles coming in as a surprise second).  Owen's favorite thing to do was to get hold of the ball and throw it into places where it was nearly impossible to retrieve.

... like in a tree or on the roof.  

I got some tips from GG about caring for roses.  We'll see if I can get results half this pretty next year.

Surrounded by the day's loot and holding a half-eaten snack, Owen passed out on the way home.

Note:  My apologies to the rest of the Stevens/Hamby ladies for not getting any of us in a shot.  Gotta work on that next time!


Grandma DD said...

Your first picture is quality photography. WTG

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks Mom! Am I weird that my favorite is the one of Scott , Drew and Owen staring up into the tree?

Aunt Pam said...

No Shelley, I loved that picture of them staring into the tree too. I laughed at the picture where it took all the men to figure out how to get it down! First picture was beautiful. I loved it!