Monday, April 11, 2011

Not smooth

I'm embarrassed to say that Owen eats cereal bars for breakfast every single day.  I give him other options, but I should have never let him start down the convenience food path.  Since it's a route faithfully tromped down each morning by Scott and me, I suppose it was inevitable that Owen would find it.

This morning, I had the spontaneous thought that I could win him over to smoothies if I played up their likeness to their milkshake cousin.  I went all out on the presentation, but I bombed the taste test.  It was bitter- I'm guessing because of the Greek yogurt I used.  I also added a banana, orange juice and a little agave nectar.  I figured if I could just get him hooked, then I could start adding kale, flax, protein, and other stuff I might find in the middle section of Whole Foods.  But I lost him at "hello".

So what's your favorite healthy smoothie recipe?  Where did I go wrong?


Aunt Pam said...

Hello cereal bars....LOL Kids are so picky and especially at this age. I hope you are able to find a smoothie, he will love. Abby and Gabe loves eggos with sugar free syrup and a little whip cream with strawberries.

Jennifer said...

HEY! I gave him those pajamas!!! Yay for Aunt Jenny! :)

Anonymous said...

We make smoothies every, single morning. It's for the five of us, so the amounts would probably be different for you.
1 cup OJ
2 cups Coconut Water (randomly located beside the green beans at Publix)
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 bananas
5 TBSP french vanilla yogurt (organic...not greek, but that's got to count for something!)

1 cup frozen blueberries

I then add flax seed to mine, but not to the girls. Our dr said to be careful giving too much flax to the children as it lowers cholesterol and children don't need that done. Hope this helps! Christine

Rebecca Davenport said...

That one sounds good. I was going to suggest some sweeter fruits like berries. Joe offers to make me smoothies, lets ask him! Just outta curiosity, why not use the soy in there for the extra vanilla taste with ice instead of a Greek yogurt? P.S. Ive never made a smoothy. Call me when you need to make a milkshake!

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks Christine! Good to know about the flax too. I was just going to go all weird science and start adding stuff.

Will definitely give it a try!

Send me Joe's recipe too, Speck. If it's as good as his eggplant parm...

Grandma DD said...


Coach said...

I am no help. I would be like him. Smoothies would not be my first choice with all of the healthy all of you put in them. Sorry.

Shelley & Scott said...

Ahhh, Coach. Gotta love ya!