Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bags and Bunnies

Owen had his first overnight visit with Mimi and Granddad this past Friday and Saturday!
The photo is semi-authentic.  It really was taken before we left on Friday, but 1) we don't leave by the front door and 
2)  Owen is lacking shoes.

When we were driving home from Mother's Day Out yesterday, Owen told me the Easter bunny had been at school that day.  I commented on how exciting that must have been, and Owen countered with:

But Mommy, the Eeeter bunny is very big.  Not like wegular bunnies.  
And Mommy?  I don't like bunny hugs at all.


Grandma DD said...

Again, this is priceless! Can't wait to do the bunny hop with him. He probably won't like that either.

Rebecca Davenport said...

He liked the bunnies at Disney!?