Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What you could have overheard at our house last night

Pic from last week.  He dressed himself in all black and that same day asked if we found an empty 
swimming pool, could we skateboard in it.  Does this mean he's going to be one of those emo dudes?

O:  Can I have some cheese?

Me:  Not right now.  I'm unloading the washing machine and then I'll start dinner.

O:  But I want cheese right now-wuh...

Me:  No.

O:  But why?  Why can't I have cheese?  Why can't you get it for me now?

Me (gesturing to my armful of wet towels and using my best rhetorical tone):  What's it look like?

O:  It's yellow and it's cut into little line pieces.


Rebecca Davenport said...

I miss cheese!!!

Aunt Pam said...

Well you asked! LOL Aren't the things they say at this age cute? Gabe was wanting a fly to go away so I said wave it away so he said 'bye'. I couldn't help but laugh! Enjoy these time....they go by so fast!

Grandma DD said...

Love it!! I'm so behind because of income tax. But now I can join the world again!!

Coach said...

I hear a lot of things said by the kids in kindergarten that are a lot like what Owen says. I would prefer to hear his comments, so keep sending to us. They answer everything literally, so you have to be careful what you ask them. They are just like a sponge absorbing everything around them.