Monday, August 8, 2011

How Owen does the beach

Watch DVDs in the car on the way down.  Make angry grunting noises at your mother if she tries to speak to you during an important scene.

 Embrace the beach experience- the breaking waves, the salt in your eyes, and even the seaweed in your shorts.  Get your 6'4" Granddaddy to take you out to the sandbar.  

Come back to the house and crash.

Feed the ducks.  Watch out for the really fat one.  Make sure the cute one you call Yellow Shoes gets her share.

Read with GG.

Go to Alys Beach one morning.  Hit up the donut truck and play on the green.

Play lots of dominoes.

Feed the ducks some more.

Get Uncle Drew to show you how to eat crab legs.  Insist that it's actually an octopus.

Survive a family photo op.  See to it that 80% of the shots are unusable.  Lay down and throw sand in your hair if you have to.  


Grandma DD said...

One of these days we want a beach vacation with y'all. I loved it when we use to rent a beach house. Those were the good old days. XOXO

Rebecca Davenport said...

Mom- youll get a cabin in the mountains next summer- it will have to do!!

Shell- I love the light exposure on the donut pic! Looks like he enjoyed the beach a little more that last time when he would not get near the water!

Coach said...

I agree with your mom, he does look like he has grown up a bit since the last time in regard to liking the water and the sand. Rebecca, I was thinking the cabin in the mountains may be better for me from exposure to the sun than the beach, but on a mountain, I am closer to the sun and I am sure it is just as dangerous if I do not put my sun screen on and wear the proper clothing.