Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Moon

How's that view on a Monday morning?  I super sized it for ya.

Not long after we got home from Italy, Owen asked if Birmingham had any towers we could climb, which was pretty much in line with my revelation about needing to explore our own town using the same enthusiasm with which we'd explored Tuscany.  Now two months later I've finally gotten around to taking Owen to Vulcan Park.  I hadn't been there in over 15 years, and we lived almost right under his tight, flexed buns for 10 of them.  Here's a little history on Vulcan if you're not a local.

Owen climbed all 159 steps by himself, which was a relief since we didn't have Scott with us, and I didn't know if I could carry him.

A fun (and exaggerated) memory of how Scott felt after carrying Owen up the 505 steps to the top of Torre del Mangia in Siena.

So what does one do when visiting a tower?

A lot of looking up,

and a lot of looking down.

And we'll finish up with one artsy flartsy photo and one of Owen channeling an Abercrombie model.

Our plans for the rest of today are to grocery shop, make dinner for friends who have a new baby, and finish up some projects I started yesterday.  I had one of those (rare) days where I was a dervish of productivity and knocked out a bunch of need-to-do's that have been bugging me for a long time.  The downside of all that whirling?  Carelessness.  I'm sporting a slice on my finger from a serrated knife, and our sweet little breakfast table suffered an even worse wound when I got Goof-off all over it.  A grapefruit-sized section of its finish is now missing.  Newest item on my to-do list:  sand and refinish breakfast table.


Grandma DD said...
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Grandma DD said...

Oh my, what a fun post to read until I got to you finger!! Sorry!! I sure do wish I could have been with you two on your trip to Vulcan!! Sniff, sniff.

Rebecca Davenport said...

I dont have any fun pictures of Joe and I climbing towers... guess it is time to go back to Italy!!