Monday, August 15, 2011

Owen update

Owen's first LEGO creation- a house with a garden and a radio tower.  EVERYTHING he builds has a radio tower.

A few recent developments:

1)  Owen's bowl hair-do is gone.  He's got naptime bed head in that first photo, but you can still sorta tell.
2)  We've started buying him Size 5 clothes.  He's tall enough now to touch the bottom in the shallow end of the 'big kid' pool.
3)  We got him his first set of LEGOs.  He's under a probationary period until he can get more though.  We want to make sure he can handle keeping up with all the little pieces.  Two days in and he's doing well!


Grandma DD said...

Thanks for the post. Wish I was there to play with him. XOXOXO

Coach said...

He gets more grown up everyday. I can tell by his looks and by the way you commented on his taking care of his toys. I see the joy the kindergarten students get out of playing with the legos and Owen will as well. He will gain so much by playing with them. His mind will grow in creativity and his motor skills will improve from using his hands to hold and manipulate the small legos.